Light of Christ

Light of Christ Youth Religious Emblem for Cub Scouts

What: This program will help youth develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We hope that they will come to see Jesus as a real person and as his friend with the active participation of his family. This program was initiated in 1992.

When: This program can be completed in about 45 to 90 days. This is recommended so each activity can be of lasting value. The emblem is presented at your local parish on Scout Sunday or another ceremony. It is recommended that you contact your parish priest and/or Religious Emblem Counselor to help plan the ceremony.

Who: This program is for any registered 6 or 7 year old (Tiger or Wolf) Cub Scout of Catholic faith.

Requirements: Please complete all the requirements outlined in the activity book to the satisfaction of the parents before they start the third grade. The activity book should not be used as a sacramental preparation program. Its purpose is to enhance, not to replace your parish’s sacramental program.

Parents’/Guardians’ Role: The parents or guardians actively work on the activities with them, help with Bible readings and getting information. Make sure the Religious Emblems Coordinator and/or the leader is informed of their progress.

Steps for receiving the award:

  1. Families: The youth and their parent or guardian talk about their own family, Jesus’ family, and the family the scout joined at his baptism. The parent or guardian will also teach them the “Sign of the Cross” and the “Glory Be to the Father.”
  2. God’s Call: This step encourages you to talk about what it’s like to be a parent or guardian, and to encourage them to express what it’s like as a son. There is a simple service project to be completed by the youth and the parent or guardian has an opportunity to teach them something about his or her job.
  3. Eucharist: This step talks about enjoying and sharing food; about special meals, and prayers the family uses to thank God before and after meals. The story of the loaves and the fishes is read or told and both the youth and the parent or guardians talk about God’s special gift to us – Holy Communion.
  4. Forgiveness: The story of Jesus being lost in Jerusalem is told or read and the youth and parent or guardians talk about obeying. They also talk about asking for forgiveness when they’ve done something wrong. Here, you will read or tell the story about the lost sheep.
  5. Family of God: This step requires the parent or guardian and the youth to visit a church on a day other than Sunday and talk about the symbols used in church (stations, statues, etc.). They also talk about how some of these things are used. In this step the cub learns the “Our Father”.

After all five steps are completed the youth takes his book and application to the pastor of his parish to talk about what he has learned. When the application is complete, please talk to your Religious Emblem Counselor or leader to find out how and when you will receive the award.

The “Light of Christ Emblem Application” in the back of the Light of Christ activity book must be completed and submitted to Laura Potter before you will be allowed to purchase the Light of Christ medal.